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Hello all,

I finally bought a FT-818ND, not to replace my FT-817ND, which I kept, for other uses, such as WSPR I want to use and also the 2200 meters 137 KHz, etc

The différences are: 6 watts of power instead of 5 watts!!! The TCXO-9 high stability oscillator built-in which is no more an option, and the supplied NIMH rechargeable battery 9.6V 1,900 mAh, plus the other accessories available with this transceiver.

In the world of QRP (low power) the 817/817-ND set the bar exceptionnally high, deliivering an all-in-one radio for the enthusiastic QRP operator.  So the reason why Yaesu changed from FT-817 TO THE FT-817ND, and now FT-818ND is very simple.

We are in the year 2020, FT-817, was first sold in year 2000.

The FT-817-ND came on the market in 2008 or so, 12 years ago, and the FT-818ND was available in Canada in January 2019.

Over the years, some internal parts were no more available, So they decided to updated with some new parts like the TX  final transistors and other parts etc..

The other reason is this small peanut whistle was so popular and still is, for nearly 20 years,

At the beginning, Yaesu hoped to sell about 5000 units in the first 3 to 5 years, in 2014, they sold nearing a QUARTER -MILLION FT-817s . I Wonder how many are sold now in 2020 ?

That is 250,000 radios sold!!! I don't believe there has ever been another QRP radio of any brand so popular, and so complete, almost.-

 This is a do it all radio, at a fair price. By the way, I have had no issues in nearly 20  years of intensive use of it.

So, as you can see, I'm always in love with this fantastic Peanut Whistle, and I am sure it will be forever.

In a future post, I want to let the readers know what you can do with such a transceiver, and I'm sure it is not all users who think about that.

We keep on the loop...

Good dx'ing

72/73 Michel VE2TH  ;D
The QRP'er


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