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Title: IOTA AS 173 will be QRV
Post by: vu2ur on July 29, 2014, 01:51:25 UTC
Dear friends of WWFF,IOTA,ARLHS

The following are getting activated beteen 13 to 17th August 2014:
Because of the delay in getting the call sign from the Ministry,
we have not been able to give wide publicity in the internet.
As soon as the call is received, there will be the entry in QRZ.com
We request you to alert the hunters.

Possible call sign is AT0RP
IOTA recommended Freqs would be used,split, but for QRM.

1.Pamban Island IOTA AS-173
2.Pamban Channel LH  ARLHS IND-048
3.Rameswaram LH      ARLHS IND-058
4.The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park  VUFF-030

73, good hunting,
29 JULY 2014