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Michel (Mike) VE2TH back on the forum...


Hello to the old and new amateurs on this nice forum.  ;D

Yes I'm back on this one, and I'm very happy this forum is coming back to life.

Been hamming since the beginning of 1964, 58 years of great fun, always runnning QRP.
Right now I'm using an FT-818ND. For the last 20 years I used the first version and second one FT-817, the FT-817ND, and now the FT-818ND. I love this one very much for plenty of reasons, which I can elaborate in another post. 

I work mostly about 90% CW and some phone mode like SSB/AM/FM.

Right now, you can read some I wrote in this forum. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask, it should be a pleasure to answer these.

See you on the air, now the new solar cycle 25 is going up.

72/73, Mike VE2TH   The QR'per for 58 years.  ;D

Welcome back.  :)


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