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What's your favourite antenna for portable activity?

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I use a 5 m long whip... and you?  :-[ :D

Not /P yet but will start next spring. Have a 12m Spiderbeam Heavy Duty GFK Pole. Think it´s good for nice ladderfeeded antennas like doublets, vertical dipoles, up & outers or 4 x 7m tripple leg.

I will try also this windom for 10/20/40 meters...

My favorite is a 4 element monoband beam on a 50 foot tower on a mountain top. But I don't get that every outing.

A factor in my choice of temporary, portable antennas is that I don't want to carry and hang coax, and I don't want to have to lay down a radial field.  So, I tend to use antennas that can be fed at or near the ground, and that have high impedance feedpoints, such as an EFHW, half-square, or bobtail.  Another antenna I often use on 20m and above is a full-wave quad loop, also fed with a short feedline near ground level.

This Yagi reminds me the mast of an ocean going sailing ship... for this reason, Stu, I name you mainsail trimmer.  :D


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