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First straight key QSO for 20 years


Just had my first straight key QSO for about 20 years. I bought an ex Czech army key this week and it arrived today, 50 years old and unused and still in orignal wax wrapper. Spent an hour replacing the original lead and plug and 30 minutes adjusting gap and tension. Heard W3ATB calling CQ on 20m so went back to him and enjoyed a short 2x QRP QSO - full of mistakes (mine) but great fun.
Key has a very nice action, though same can't yet be said for operator's wrist, but was pleased and slightly surprised to see that according to spots on the RBN that I was running at 14 wpm which isn't bad considering my age and the time since I last 'pounded brass'.

When are the 2016 rankings updated??
73 de arasu vu2ur


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