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My 'New' NATO straight key


I passed my morse test on one of these many years ago but sold it in order to by a twin paddle and I've regretted it ever since. These have a lovely action, the gap is easily adjusted and the spring is a leaf spring.
In the original state the cover acts like a resonator and pumping out morse sounds like a skeleton doing a tango on a tin roof, but strip away the case and innards, mount on a heavy base (white marble here) and one has a very nice straight key.
These are seldom seen on Ebay and when they do come up are usually expensive. I was lucky and found this at a sensible price.


That is a pretty serious Key!

You wouldn't want to drop it on your foot Don - it weighs just over 1kg. Wouldn't want to take it /P either!!

Very nice and very unique.  Something to be said for a heavy solid key.  Nothing worse than a key sliding around the desk.


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