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IZ3DVW beacon



I heard today evening IZ3DVW beacont with 500mW and inverted vee antenna in my QTH (JN87wb).
RST: 579/599 with some QSB
Time 18:03 UT
Freq:3577 KHz

Now at 18.30 UT nothing. lost in QSB

Zoli - ha2pp

Thank you very much Zoli for the information, it is very much appreciated,

I will check here tonight, if I can hear something.

QRPp (below one watt) is really fun.

Here is web page about this QRPp beacon:  http://www.qsl.net/iw3fzq/Beacon-area.html

I posted in this forum a link with his page on QRZ and a link with his 175 videos on You Tube.

Sure IZ3DVW is a friend of IZ3FZQ.

72 Michel VE2TH  QRP & QRPp


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