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Good evening Zoli,

Thank you for the info.

The only one I heard is OK0EPB/B on 7,039.4 MHz.

And I asked for some informations, as it is not in QRZ or Buckmaster.

G0BVZ who is on this forum, gave me this information:


What a nice piece of Equipment!! Very interesting, it was the first time I saw a Beacon running this way.

A very nicepiece of technology.

For the other Beacons, I will try another night, especially during the week, when the band is more quiet.

Because tonight, it is full of RTTY stations right on those QRP frequencies.

As soon as I hear something, I will let you Zoli,

Thanks you again,

72 Michel

P.S. Yes the Russian markers are always coming here very well, between S-1 up to S-9 sometimes S-9 ++ and sometimes during the evening, the letter changed for another one.

Hi Michel,

I congratulations your DX beacons, tonight is very busy the 7 MHz. (RTTY contest)
I tuned my radio to 5 Mhz and I heard the

OV1BCN NVIS beacon on 5.290.0 (cw) at 18.34 UT. RST 579
Importan information is about this beacon on qrz.com. Look the timing periods.
It not QRP TX (30W), but his antenna is only 1m agl.

http://www.qrz.com/db/OV1BCN and

Have a good luck!


Zoli - ha2pp


Hi to All,

saturday night I heard on 7.000 Mhz "D" russian  beacon, it was very strong.

Today later afternoon I played a bit of K1JT's WSPR program.
It is a very interesting. Here are some pictures and help the two last numbers:

0 dBm = 0.001 W
3            0.002
7            0.005
10           0.01
13           0.02
17          0.05
20           0.1
23           0.2
27          0.5
30          1
33          2
37          5
40         10
43         20
47         50

And the online map...
DM3XRF with 0.01 Watts..it is very nice!!


Zoli - ha2pp

Hello Zoli,

Thanks info, about WSPR, it seems to be great fun to use.
One of these days I will also try it for sure.

I just need another small rig to connect to the computer Hi!

72 Michel VE2TH  QRP & QRPp.


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