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VY0SNO/B 6 & 10 meters.


Hi all,

Keep this one in your list for future copy, ten meter is very good these days, with really BIG surprises!!¸

Beacon: 6m: 50.048, 25 watts, 1/2 wave vertical dipole, 30m ASL; A1

Beacon: 10m: 28.182, 5 watts, 1/2 wave horizontal dipole, 30m ASL; A1.

Latitude 63.748293 (63° 44' 53'' N)

Longitude -68.513807 (68° 30' 49'' W)
Grid Square FP53rr

They are coming in very well here on both bands,  for a couple of evening. We have some Aurora session, but the signals here doesn't have the usual "BUZZ",  instead it is pure Es!!

Good listening,

72 Michel

P.S. During a few days in december/january & february, I log it  which is rather unusual!!


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