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Just installed a 80M vertical

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I just made and installed an 80m vertical. Have had on report back with it from 189 miles away ATCF but need more. I am currently using my Bare Essentials Glowbug TX (about 5 watts out) and a 3561khz crystal. I test 7pm and 9 pm at the top of the hour (EST, My time) If I get a few good tests I will put the homebrew SS rig on (3530khz).

Sounds like a promising start Don. Sadly little or no chance of copying you over here at those times :-(
I've been on 60m a bit after shorting the 80m loading coil on my HF2V, not a lot of activity though I did hear a VE a couple of nights ago on 5.373.

Well dont give up hope. Did a pond hop with Andrew F , a G3 . It took us two weeks but we pulled it off. We tried every night same time same freq. A couple of might have been you s but then one night a solid copy. I was running about 16 watts. That night 5W would probably have done it. It was though a lot of work on his part but we both enjoyed it. Probably stay in touch now for life.

Up  tuned and working very well. I am happy building it.

Looks good Don and pretty well hidden too. Is it a full 1/4 wave or loaded?


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