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Design for a 20/30m GP. Any suggestions??

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Does anyone have a design for a coil loaded 20/30m GP antenna, preferably using a full 1/4 wave radiator on 20m?
This year in SV8 I found 20m very poor and often resorted to using my fishing pole 20m GP on 30m - it radiated but with a decent loading coil to bring it to resonance on 30m it would put out and receive much better.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Dave,

if you using a fishing pole why you not use a 7 m radiator and 3 elevated 7m radials ?? You can feed it with ladderline to a tuner which can handle this kind of feeders. Antenna doing a fine job between 7 and 50 MHz (if verticals for 6 are allowed, here in DL only horizontal  :(  ) .... Have tried this kind of antenna on my last QTH and i have had great results also in DXing.

 ;) ;)

Thanks Juergen! I'll do a scale drawing to see how well one would fit on the back of our motor home, but the length of the radials might be a problem as we have limited space on campsites, my 12/17/20 GP radials just fit.
Off to our west coast tomorrow for a week of QRP/P :-)

I've found a design for a 80-15m vertical. Looks quite good.


Maybee some of mine VERTICAL ANTENNAS HERE: http://www.sm5mek.se/antenner/vertikalantenner/vertikal-med-80m-bandet-va-3/


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