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JT65 and JT9


I am working these Modes with maxium 10 Watts. So we talk about QRP.

For those, who are interessted in JT65 and also JT9, can visit/join our special Facebook Group --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ft817

Will be in you fine land Saturday (Frankfurt to Basil river cruise) Always bring a portable SW rx so I can see what activity is like.

Sounds good Don... Have fun in Germany ;-)

Another thumbs up from me. Using JT65HF running 2.5W with my Buddipole in the loft I have worked 35 of the 50 states of America. This software is well worth a look and is very well suited to QRP.

73 Chris M0RSF

Hi Chris,

have started JT-modes a year ago (meanwhile back on CW). I´ve used only WSJT-X. The reason was that you can operate JT65A and JT9 with one software and it work´s perfect together with JT-Alert and JT-Macros from VK3AMA.

B.t.w. i think you not reach the 50 US states for the WAS or more than 200 DXCC´s for the DXCC. Only the same guys on the way with those modes and no "rare" states or entities. It´s an efficient mode for QRP´ers but .......  ???


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