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Anything would be better than original on an HW-7 - the one I had was horrible on receive!


--- Quote from: KC8AON on January 22, 2015, 13:34:00 UTC ---Anything would be better than original on an HW-7 - the one I had was horrible on receive !

--- End quote ---

It's actually no worse than any other DC receiver...  The sensitivity is just fine.  It's the selectivity that's a problem, as it's very wide.  The easiest (and least invasive) mod is to add an outboard audio filter between the rig and your headphones.  Mine has 6 steps that go from 2,500 Hz down to about 100 Hz.  I usually run it around 400Hz, which is plenty narrow for all but the most crowded band conditions.  The Four State QRP Group sells a kit for about $20.  It has a 50dB notch at 200Hz.  There are other kits that range from about the same up to just under $100.  Well worth the money.

I think the HW-7 has gotten a bad rap. Mine works fine with a few simple mods and an outboard audio filter. Rebuilding the whole receiver section is NOT necessary! Here's mine with a DSP unit, but the Four State SCAF filter does just as well.


A description of the mods can be found here: http://radiowb3t.homestead.com/heathkit.html

Good luck!
Bob, WB3T


I ask you a simple question regarding the bias of the diode. Is it in passing or reverse (biased) mode. If you could give me a little more information.
Best Regards

F5MPN St├ęphane

I love the hw-7 and hw-8
so if anyone here has one to get rid of let me know. I have several articles on mods for both these rigs



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