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What's your favourite antenna for portable activity?

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I like my DXLOOP .. an interesting project with a higher gain compared to Alexloop .... i use 1,2m external diameter with Cellflex 1/2" (copper ext. diam 12,3mm) .. AlexLoop use 1m with RS217 (cooper ext diam7,35mm) ... the theoretical gains are higher (20m DXLOOP efficiency than the dipole positioned half-wave height: 66% -- 20m ALEXLOOP efficiency: 37,8%), (40m DXLOOP efficiency: 15,1% -- 20m ALEXLOOP efficiency: 5,1%) .... You can see my project  http://www.qsl.net/ik5xct/   lookat DXLOOP  or watch this video https://youtu.be/quADHsJWWjA ... Anyway .. Alexloop is a good product but very expensive !!!

with me in SOTA QRP trekking expedition

My favorite is the Par Endfedz 10-20-40 with my 31 foot jacktite fiberglass telescoping pole. I am setup in just minutes. When I feel like struggling a little, I use my buddiepole antenna. I like it, but just takes too long too setup.

Enjoying this discussion of portable antennas. Last
summer obtained a telescoping mast from spiderbeam.
All manner of longwires, loops etc. strung up quickly
and easily.


I've also got a Spiderbeam pole and use it to support a 20/30m trapped GP when we go the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. It's a VERY windy location so have to ensure the pole is well guyed!

Greetings Dave ! Having my morning coffee and viewing
your excellent photography at:
 Any advice on how you guy your mast under such
windy conditions ? When I purchased my mast
the folks at spiderbeam had this webbing
sewn in a unique shape for attaching guy lines.
I've yet to try it.



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