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Hi Dan,

i love Dxing with my QRP power. Coming back to the bands May 2008 and 218 entities now. Nice feeling if i see a pileup and try to catch a new one. DXing is my main interest too.

Juergen, QRP only with various indoors  :D ;)

Hello to everyone here,

Glad there are others that share qrp dxing, KR2Q - Doug we have exchanged emails in the past about qrp dxing, sri to here abt ur ants lost in the hurricane a few years ago, also what happened to AA2U Randy? I know he was in the army, guess not active anymore. AA4GA has a QRP DX  listing of some of the top qrp dxer's and their totals listed on his QRZ page, everyone please feel free to submit ur totals. My station is at home, I really hav'nt tried the portable operating, suppose it might be fun. Used to operate at 900 mw in the ARCI contests with a battery to get the multiplier points, wked OH, KL7, KH6, but never tried to get DXCC milliwatting, anyway tnx to all that responded, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, the dx picture is really looking good for 2014, 72 Dan WG5G.

Thanks for the nice info about AA4GA Dan. Wrote him an eMail and now in the unoffcial QRP DX list too. He wrote that he would happy if he received more DXCC QRP standings from european DX´ers .....

73´s, gl es fb DX  8) :D


Tnx fer signing up, hope the word spreads, as you have seen, not too many qrpers listed. Im sure there are some pretty impressive totals in Europe and Asia. Ok, I'll continue to ck back here for interesting qrp dxing stories, 72 Dan WG5G.

Have opened a thread in our german qrp forum. Hope that some guys will upload their standings too. I´m also in the DARC DXCC listings but there´s no difference between QRP, LP or HP. Better to have a listing like AA4GA´s QRP standings.

gl es mni DX in the last days of 2013 and much more in 2014  ;) :D


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