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Hello friends,

You should check and send an invitation to JQ2UOZ running QRPp with an Icom IC-7000S,

The "S" model is  running only QRP and it is not available outside of Japan. Only the regular IC-7000 model is available.

It is interesting pages and I'm sure AKI would be very glad to join the QRP club here.-

While looking at his web pages, you can click on the blue titles to have a look in other pages.


72 Michel VE2TH   


--- Quote from: VE2TH on December 29, 2013, 00:38:49 UTC ---I'm sure AKI would be very glad to join the QRP club here.

--- End quote ---

Well, Michel, bring us Aki!  ;D

Hello Nicola,

The e-mail is already sent to Aki JQ2UOZ, I'm sure he will answer.

72 Michel

A Happy New Year.

Thank you very much, Michel VE2TH and Nicola IZ5ZCO.
I am pleased to be invited to this club.

I enjoy QRPp DX QSOs on CW using 500 milliwatts (0.5W) and a dipole.
My signal is very weak, but sometimes I can get semi-rare one before big-gun stations do.
For example, by using 500mW and a dipole, I worked ED9Z (Ceuta & Melilla) in the 2012 CQWW CW contest.
Surprisingly, I was ED9Z's first Japan on 21MHz in the contest (see ED9Z' contest log: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-riJA_8SsaIE/UThZOiVwjkI/AAAAAAAABC0/BssQakQXLcQ/s1600/ed9zlog.jpg).
You can also enjoy many unexpected and surprising QSOs with QRP(p).

I am an eQSL collector.
If you would like, please see my eQSL gallery: http://jq2uoz.blogspot.jp/2011/12/qsl.html
These eQSLs confirm QSOs made using my output power of 500mW and a dipole.

Thank you.



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