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Hi ALL, thanks for replies. My antenna is 20 m GP including 3 counterpoise, heigh 6 m AGL (see the picture). Other antenna is "Up and Outer", 10 m wire wounded on 8 m fishing pole + one 10 m counterpoise, heigh 2m AGL only. It works good enough on 40 and 30 m bands with homebrew L-tuner.
About success... I don't know. I love the simplest radios and... God help me, sure :-) See my QRP results in top lists here - www.club72.su  You can see that my humble results not so good in relation to results of OK1DPM, JA1KGW, GM3OXX etc.

I'd like to note, I agree with Mark LU6DO. If you love QRP (QRPp) and save patience - success will be with you! Remind:
- op. Angel LZ1SM (SK) became "QRP Master" using only homebrew 1-2 transistors xtal TXs on 14060 kHz only!!! Less than 1 watt!!!
- op. George GM3OXX have great results using only homebrew tcvrs not more than 1 watt (over all his life!)
- op. Mike AA1TJ (present here) always used simpliest milliwatting to wire antenna. There are few trans Atlantic QSOs in his log.
I take off my hat before above friends.

Finally, enjoy picture with my cats (Mark, do you like it?) Cats want to say "Finish your K2 and lay down together, have a rest" :^)

So just keep trying if I understand you. I have had some success with a 1 tuber using a 50L6 with crystal control on CW. It is on 80M with an inverted L. I also have had a report with my two tuber transceiver although  didn't sound like it was appreciated but it was definately heard. I have several hb  rigs around 5 watts or less, Sometimes it seems fruitless. What time is best and what bands and where on those bands? I have been working 7118 today with two of my rigs , the TNT and the two tuber , both CW and AM. My main activity is AM on the weekends on 80M with dx60b and a homebrew 811A amp but that is  social thing. My real interest is in low power rigs as they were in the 20s and 30s as well I have a crystal controlled three transistor unit I built for 80M many years ago. Just under a watt output but a good working tx. Perhaps it is time to dust it off. Any tips would be appreciated


Don, thanks for interesting dialog. I love valves radios also. That was my youth. Today, I became lazy to drill and saw the metal, hihi. Maybe, the GlowBugs will be my next song.
Who interesting for simpliest 1-2 transistors TX? Put your eyes here - www.club72.su/vanguard.html
In March-April some "almost crazy" friends played the game named "Vanguard-1 QRPp Party devoted to 55'th anniversary of the USA satellite "Vanguard-1" launch. On the page you can see pictures and schemes of QRPpp TXs less than 100 mW. There also a totals log-book of QSOs on 18...100 mW power. Me, I used TX on GT320b Ge p-n-p transistor 30 mW. But only skimmers (RBNs) copied my sugnal, sorry.

drill and saw the metal,

I make all mine on wood. No shock hazard. no hand effect etc etc.


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