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What is everyone building? Anything exciting?

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I am still playing with Pixie type circuits.  I tried to find a FOXX-3 circuit on the web but wasn't able to.

Been looking at automatic audio output levers and solid state select-o-Jet circuits to add to simple DIY receivers. It has started getting cool here so will not be fun to work on antennas.

So share what you desire or have on the work bench. 

Stan AK0B

Hi Stan,

Unfortunately, all my stuff is in storage at the moment, but I hope to finish moving and start building again soon.  I do have some pictures of my last work in progress.  I can try to dig them out of my hard drive maybe :-)

For the FOXX-3, have you seen this:  http://www.gqrp.com/The_Sprat_Pixie_File.pdf ?



Thanks Mark, I haven't been able to resolve the circuit on page 15 of the Sprat Pixie collection with the picture of the FOXX3 on the following page.  It appears the osc section is considerable more complex on the PCB. My Sprat CD doesn't have the FOXX3 circuit. Guess its time to get the latest version.

The Sprat collection has a lot of nice circuits in it.  I have built several versions of the Pixies. Almost have one of the Chinese CD4066 Pixie versions (Ebay)  finished.  Amazing what one can do with a CMOS switch.  :)

These simple circuits do a wonderful job on 80 and 40.  Its beginning to feel like Winter here, so will spend more time at the work bench. 

Regards, hope to meet you on the bands some day. 
Stan AK0B

   I just finished QRPKITS Scout Regen and it works. I had heard about Regen Receivers and wanted to see how they sounded and worked. It was a very cool and fun kit. I use it to listen to shortwave.

The more you use a  regen the more you will love it  Takes a while to get use to the basic controls but they are fun at any age.  Certainly not just for the younger ham.  Don't over load it only need a short antenna.

Stan AK0B


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