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QRV EU-052 8th - 27th September SV8/GM0LVI/P


I'll be back on Zakynthos IOTA EU-052 for 3 weeks with my KX3 and GP antenna mainly 20m cw unless propagation picks up when I'll try 17m. Would be great to work some QRPc members.

I heard you on 20 meters on september 19 around 15.30 UTC from my portable QTH at the dutch seashore, callsign PG4I/A. After several calls you responded with: "SRI OM TO WEAK". To bad, maybe next year?

Hi Joop! Yes what a pity we didn't manage a contact - I do remember a very weak signal that I couldn't copy. Conditions for the 3 weeks I was operating in SV8 were pretty poor with very deep QSB every day on 20m and 30m. I also had a high local noise level that made things even more difficult. My operating time was reduced by thunder storms on a couple of days and when we arrived I couldn't put up my antenna due to a day of extremely high winds that did a lot of damage in the local villages. We also had  three earth tremors, two were small but one gave us quite a big shake!
Logged 293 contacts - mainly EU, but did get one with Hide - JR5XPG with a 589 report which came as a very big surprise.

Congrats Dave with so many QSOs... Good job!


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