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QRV from Isle of Barra (EU-010) April 15 - 22 2017


I'll be QRV from Barra in the Outer Hebrides from Monday 15th to Saturday 22nd April. I'll be using a 20/30m trapped GP on a 12m pole from what looks like the perfect location with sea on both sides (about 10m away) on a small peninsula on the east of the small island. QRP and QRO, CW and SSB.
Keeping my fingers crossed that propagation has improved by then,as it's lousy at present! Also hoping for a calm ferry crossing as it's a long one.
Will be delighted to work QRPC members as I've not worked any for about a year now.

Hi Dave,

not on 20/30 vy often since the 60m band is open here but will try to find you with my Red Pitaya SDR and my 20 m indoor wireloop .... Condx looking not to bad at the momen with SF above 100 and some sunspots. Hope they will be stable over the month that you have some good chances to work some of us.

Good luck and 72´s  ;) ;)


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