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Solid State Micronaut Test


I am testing this evening  a two transistor version of The Micronaut QRP TX using a 3560khz crystal.
looking for replys. I am on right now and will be listening on freq constant till 10 EDT. Need a QSo on this rig.
The micronaut is built in the box marked out and has its own HB key. other box is a matching RX but tonite I will use the big receiver so as not to disadvantage anyone.

Wish you luck Don!

You need another box marked "Pending" for skeds !  ;D

Yes , that would work. I got a report from a ham across the lake in NYS . said he could hear me Q5 so that is encouraging. After about 11.30I switched to the Be tube rig which is about 5 watts on a real good day and did fine with it. the two rigs crystals are about 1 khz apart. 3560 and 3561 so we tried QSYing to the Micronaut but lost each other. i am assuming he could not hear me then BUT I could not hear him either so we may have simply missed each oother. Anyway i will be using it at every avaialble chance today as well. Like right now in a minute.
Hopefully i can log a few with it. I like clandestine styel radios that are a radio but look like a bird house or file boxes. I need to erfect this so when iI am in the home , dribbling on my CW copy pad i will still be able to operate because no one will know I have a station in my teapot or whatever. Plan ahead!

Going to try again today. Starting now till about 930 EDT then this evening
donVE3LYX  on 3560khz.
What I need is someone, anyone within range to tune is a see if they can copy. Then I wouldn't need to post.


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