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Updating my antennas...sort of

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--- Quote from: VE2TH on April 28, 2018, 00:47:00 UTC ---Well, now the nice weather and warmer days are back here,

I have again some antennas projects.

1- EFHW = End Fed Half Wave Antenna I shall begin with a monoband, propbly for 17 meters,  and I have the idea to have another one for 40-20-15-10 meters

2- VDA = Vertical Dipole Array  Check this one:

This 2 elements is sure very interesting, with a bit of gain to push my  peanut whistle signal a bit further  ;D

So some fresh air and experimentation should be a lot of fun.

Bye, Michel VE2TH

--- End quote ---
Good! ;)


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