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What's your favourite antenna for portable activity?

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Thank you for the honor, Captain.  My rigging will run true.

That yagi is a beautiful sight.  She flies two days per year on our Field Day.


Yes, it's very fine! I'm only a ship owner. The skipper will be chosen by the community. :)

Much depends on where I'm operating from.
In the past when operating from a beach side studio in Greece I've used a home-brew loaded GP for  17m and 15m. I designed it to fit in a suitcase.
Working /P in Scotland I use a 8m fishing pole with resonant GPs for 20m and 17m and also a Hustler mobile whip with attached radials on the bike rack of our mobile home. (Fishing pole is the best though).

I'm currently using the Buddistick with an additional 22" (x2) section and a Shock cord whip that's 106" for a total 12.5 feet with a 6' diameter capacitance hat which electrically extends the antenna to about 18.5'.

Grounded off the roof of my (metal) living container, it has served me well so far.

I use wire antennas: Inverted V for 40m, vertical Delta Loop for 20m, slopper/dipole for 10m.


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