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Hi All,

Merry Christmas to the all  Club Members!

Today I temporary running a qrpp beacon on 7023.4 Khz
from 15.00 UT untill 17.00 UT with 18 WPM
vvv cq  qrpp test de ha2pp ha2pp
 2oo mw ant lw 17 m

After the transmit follows 30 second pause.

If you copy me, please  send me a short report.
Thanks, 72!!

Zoli - ha2pp

RVB network reports:

25th Dec 2015  between 15.00 and 17.00 UT 7023,4 KHz
power 200 mW
Ant: 17 m long random wire

I will be testing in the future this power with a magnetic loop antenna, D=110 cm
Zoli - ha2pp

RVB network reports an other antenna:

26th Dec 2015  between 12.00 and 16.00 UT 7023,4 KHz
power 200 mW
Ant: Mobile (6band , 1,75 m)

That's very good going for mW Zoli. Was that using a loop antenna?

Dave today on later afternoon I tested my 200mW with my magloop antenna between 1530-1740 UT.
It was interesting, see the attachmants pics.
Toomorrow I will be cont, my test with magloop in daylight.
I think the result will be better.

200mW. magnetic loop dia: 110 cm (VSWR was not really good, manual tuned in the dark.

Zoli - ha2pp


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