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Vintage Ham Radio Stations


A site dedicated to the construction and operation of Wireless vintage Ham Radio stations circa 1910's to the early 1930's.




Fascinating !

I have been enjoying building replicas of early ham gear. And I enjoy operating it. In fact it has put the F U N back in the hobby for me. Last night I finished and put on air a ECO self controlled single tube osc using a 1931 tetrode. Hardest thing these days is getting an answer. So many now are so used to the digital un-natually perfect sound that when they hear anything with a tone or slight chirp they won't answer because they are afraid they shouldn't. Fortunately there are a few around who still know what that sound should be. Most AWA style groups have a 5 watt power limit too so are QRP folks as well. I appreciate sites like the one you mentioned. Thanks for posting it. Not all vintage homebrew comes in a bottle ;>)
don VE3LYX


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