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Author Topic: HY END FED ANTENNA  (Read 4220 times)

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« on: February 28, 2024, 19:37:00 UTC »
Hi! to all and also to KK4IXE & IZ5ZCO

My favorite and the very best for me is the End Fed Half Wave

See the link: https://www.hyendcompany.nl/antenna/multiband_40201510_m#main

It is in The Netherlands, and it is the best solid construction, for any model you can see on the site
the standing wave curves.

Mine is the 40-20-15-10 meters.  All of these babds are below 1:5 to 1 thru 1:1

The balun is 64:1 it is installed at 3 meters offf the ground near a window, and the end (wire ) is attached at 30 feet a top a flagpole mast.-

I use another one for portable operation (POTA, Parks on the air) during summer months,
I keep the balun attached with one bungee cord,  on pik-nik table , and the end is at 22 ft high of my telescopic fiberglass mast .

I used this one with another fiberglass mast of 33 ft high without any differences.
and always my balun fixed on the table. No differences .

Check the web site, for more models multi-bands or mono band.

Customer service iis A1 shipping via Fedex, A1 5 days from Holland to Quebec, Canada

Try it, you'll like it

72 Michel

72/73 Michel VE2TH
The QRP'er for 60 years.now in 2023.