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PG4I travelling through Europe

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A quick update, 2 great evenings on 20 meters! It has been years ago since I heard so many stations from South-America! The band opens around 19z. There really is an advantage to living in Sicily...  ;D Stations from Brazil can get very loud. But I also heard CE, YV and LU. Signals from North-America are weaker.

I made three 2-way QRP contacts, with G4EDG, IT9QAU and UY1IF. No DX QSO's... All with a 20 meter groundplane and 2 radials.

I might have a go at 40 today and put up a groundplane for that band. The end-fed takes up to much space  :)

Here is the last update from Sicily. No groundplane for 40 meters, it's an inverted vee! Very loud signals from all over Europe but also 4X.

The 12 meter spiderbeam mast is sagging quite a bit!

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You are doing very well Joop! It is quite amazing what one can work from QTHs that are further south than our own ones. FB on working South America - I've heard very little from there for a while now and certainly no QRP.
Happy travels!!


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