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DF5WW qrv in ARRL 10m contest .....


This weekend i´m qrv at 10 meters in the ARRL 10m contest. Will be active in CW and mostly "searching" for other stations. But from time 2 time i will give some CQ´s araund 28060.

Normally i work CW only but if the condx are fine i will try some SSB too .......

So listen to me in the nice 10m Band this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Band closed for me now so i finished.

193 QSO, 34 DXCC Multis, 37 US states and 4 canadian provinces. Score 57.900 points SOP QRP CW only.

Thank´s to all guys which giving me some points ;-)

Nice work. Congratulations!

Wow, great score, the CW make the diference.

i did work ARRL 10 meters too, but only in SSB (i'm a begginer in CW)

102 QSO, 45 DXCC, 9180 points.

Is hard work the QRP from the bottom of the world (   )(   )   ;-)


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