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Hello Tom

Great, I have found the Tremclad hammered paint at Canadian Tire, for my ft-817ND top cover, and I'm in the process to sand it with a soft sand paper.

I can't wait to see that job done, but I take my time to do a nice Job, like your paddle base.

Will let you know of my progress, once finish.

72, Michel VE2TH

Hello Tom,

Great success with Tremclad hammered paint for my ft-817ND cover.

It looks like new.

Thanks for sharing this product with us, it may apply for any other projects

72, Michel VE2TH

Hi Michel. Glad it worked out for you. I've also had good luck with Tremclad semi-flat paint for painting aluminum. Once the piece is ready to paint I wet sand it with 400 wet and dry paper, wash it in very hot water, dry it quickly and paint it with automotive primer BEFORE it cools off. Once the primer is dry use the semiflat Tremclad. This combination seems quite durable and matches very well to a variety of
commercial finishes such as MFJ. Would love to see photos of any of your homebrew projects. When the bands are poor I'm usually in the shop building something.
73 for now---------Tom


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