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how many cw ops?

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My main paddle is a vibroplex code warrior with magnetic return ,I was a bit "worried" as to how well the mags would work but can say they feel good and work UFB .. I use a Kent twin paddle with my Argosy ..

I,ve been using CW since 1959 or so.....rarely on phone, and maybe some digital sometimes. Like working DX CW, it gets thru when the QRN/M is there. And you dont need a lot of power either. Like 30 WPM, but will QRS when asked....

Hi Folks!
I'm new here. I registered just few min ago hi.
I have no microphone on my rig.
I'm not QRP only but CW only anyway.
I think CW is must thing for QRP.
See you on the bands!

Atsu, JE1TRV from Tokyo

I learned CW in 1982 when run 15 years old :).- Currently working in CW and JT65A, here in the south we are so far and there is little activity, so this new way (JT65A) allows me to entertain myself when no chance in CW. With 500MW I worked many Dx is a great thing.

Mostly CW here too. Got my ticket in 1979, age 14. Main key is a Vibroplex bug. More on http://www.da.isy.liu.se/~mj/HAM/index.html


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