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how many cw ops?

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ive been CW since late 80s. In fact most of all my rigs are CW only and some ive disabled the ssb sections.
Using CW is a second language which covers all continents and cultures.
what language can you speak where everyone on the planet can understand you with just a weeks worth of studying?


DAvid ac9xh

I use CW mostly  and have once or twice used qrp ssb but when you need to build a simple rig to get a message out, Cw rig comes thru 100%.
2 to 3 transistors a crystal and variable cap to pull it a little ,or varicap diodes with a potentiometer for full bandwidth.
no need for a bunch of chips. Now if you are using chips, 2 can build a nice little transceiver. ne602 oscillator chip and a lm386 audio output chip. add some parts,wala!!!.Also if a ham is just starting out, CW QRP is the way to go.


Does everyone have a problem sometimes counting the dits and dahs?
even after 30 some years i still do it off and on and it slows me down.
it usually hits me after 25 wpm.


All CW for 30 years. Never operated anything else. (Though I'd like to try PSK if I can figure it out.) Recently ditched my paddles and went back to the old Novice straight key, plus a few others I've picked up along the way. Just more fun.

Also getting into simple rockbound kits that I expect to upgrade gradually with use. (VFO being an early target.) And that's the real CW. Closest we can get to spark gap today. 

Being in touch with the past is a major part of the fun of ham radio for me.

With over 40 years as an amateur, I believe that I may have, possibly, 3 or 4 hours with a mic in hand. Only to test the transceiver. So I guess I qualify as 100 percent cw.


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