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Christmas has come early :-)

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It arrived yesterday!

Wow, this is a Begali...  ;)


--- Quote from: IZ5ZCO on November 05, 2016, 17:08:48 UTC ---Wow, this is a Begali...  ;)

--- End quote ---

Yes a really beautiful piece of Italian design and engineering by Pietro Begali. It's very, very nice to use. I had a Begali Traveller for /P and the shack and it was great but I found it a bit heavy and large for air travel so I'm selling that and have now got a Palm Pico Padddle for /P and the new 'Sculpture' for the shack.
Horrible price though !!

The black brother: the "Expedition".  :)

Very nice Nicola, but too heavy for me for air travel.


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