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My new /P Key


For several years I used a Paddlette KP4 Memory Keyer - nice, light and very small but had to hold it down with one hand while keying and I also found the action a bit springy and not terrible positive. So a couple of years ago I got a Begali Traveller and it was just great and I used it as the main shack key too, but it was a bit heavy and bulky for hand baggage when travelling by air.
My new /P key is a Palm Pico Paddle. I was a bit uncertain about how I find using it attached to my KX3 but over the past two days have been using it on air and I've found it absolutely super and just as pleasant to use as my Begali Sculpture. I had been thinking about going for a Begali Adventure for a portable key but am glad I didn't as the Palm key is less than a quarter of the price, smaller and lighter.


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