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Troubleshooting a NN1G transceiver kit

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I really appreciate all the help and I am close to writing this off as well. But it was fun trying. I built a solidly functioning SW20+


In case you might be interested, a nice design for which you can still get boards and which uses a similar group of parts, is the NE602-based QRP transceiver by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT, that is in the January '89 issue of Ham Radio magazine.  There is a nice review of it in the Norcal QRP club journal QRPp volume 2 (March '94 p. 54) by Ep Pacyna, W1AAZ.

The boards are $9 from Far Circuits, and also the HR Magazine article has the board patterns, parts layouts, and complete instructions.  It has active filtering, AGC, and RIT.  I haven't built it myself, but it is tempting!



Great idea. I think I will pursue. Appreciate everyone's replies


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