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I built a rig from garbage...


I built a rig from garbage and junk as a POW would. It receives well and will also transmit when voltage is raised above 90 volts. Soup can lids made the variable cap, A pencil and some scrap wire made the RFC. A friend found a 1/2 set of Brandes phones buried in the mud at the local dump. The gridleak was made with a pencil on wood and the gridleak cap from disposable pie plates and writing paper. Thumbtacks made all connections and it is disquised as a birdhouse. I used a discarded 56tube based on the deduction that the vast majority of tubes discarded are probably ok. I made the socket from a section of  tree branch. You can see it and hear its first ever "come to life" moment on YOUTUBE under POW RADIO BUILD or something like that. I named it but didn't write it down.  It was probably the most interesting build ever. So it would of course be my stranded  QRP RIG SINCE I would have built it  after arrival. It was pretty exciting when it actually worked. I will post a decent picture of it tomorrow. It is too dark tonite but it is sitting about 5 feet away right now. It is basically just a simple Hartley oscillator
As promised. BTW to keep it real it was operated on dump "dead" batteries as well

Wow…that's so impressive! If I ever get ship wrecked, I'm calling you!


Thanks. It was a most interesting project. Here is one of the videos


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