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200 members!

72 de

Wow!! Congratulations!!!

Hello to everyone!  Name is Mike and I live in Hawaii.  Everything from here is DX.  Using a TenTec Argosy, usually around 10 watts SSB, 5 on CW.  Also a Small Wonder Labs 30 meter rig putting out about 3 watts.  All into a 30 foot vertical made from old aluminum tubing.  73

Aloha Mike! Nice to see you. In 2010 me with my wife visited Big Island. I enjoyed Honolulu over 4 hours in air-port before connected flight, hi. Hopefully to return to Hawaii sometime again - the Paradise place indeed!
To Nicola: congratulations and thank you very much!

Thanks to you, Oleg... 299 members at the moment... and the winner is... HI


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