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My Version of VE7SL's Micronout. "THE MOUSER-40" 1 Transistor CW 40m Transmitter

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Hello everyone.
Afew days ago I ran into a 1 Transistor CW Transmitter Circuit in VE7SL's Radio Notebook. You can search the net for his site.

Well I looked around in my parts draws and found all the components... except a PCB to experiment on.

I went to the hardware store and bought a few Mouse Traps and used the wood of the Mouse Trap. I pasted the schematic of the circuit on the board, nailed in a few small nails and soldered everything together.

IT WORKED IT WORKED! Attached is a picture of it and more info and videos on my QRZ page.

I added a small strip of aluminum as a straight Key and also a variable resistor for the emitter in order to increase or decrease the power. L1 is a 22uH winded torroid. All other values are the same as recommended by VE7SL in his page.

I contacted Steve VE7SL and he was very pleased and happy with my idea of the mouse trap and  told me to name it THE MOUSER-40.

Yesterday I almost made a contact with it. I called CQ and someone came back but I could not decipher the callsign because of QRM but I know he heard me with my full 359mW! SKCC Sprint was on also so it was difficult.

Oh boy is this QRPp so much fun.

I plan to get a larger Mousetrap and add a few things to it.

I hope you all enjoy looking at the creation and perhaps build your own.
Will update my contacts with it regularly.

72/73 de Joe KN2A

Joe - That's just brilliant!!

Hi Dave!
Thanks for checking it out.
Nice QRZ page and pictures you have. Great equipment by far!

My XYL tells me " Tuna Cans, Spam Cans, Altoids cans and now a Mouse Trap... whats next? Your NUTS!"
I tell her "Yes I am ... NUTS FOR YOU". She then HUGS ME!  Hi Hi!

Hope we can make a contact one day maybe KX3 TO KX3!

73 Dave


I love it! Now that is ham radio at its best! Maybe a rat trap for a tube rig or a mopa version of your mouser.  I am going to check distances . Maybe you're close enough.
283 miles. Might be a stretch. What crystal are you running?

Joe, look what you made me do! Thanks for the idea! They make an excellent built board. The reworked mouse trap also makes an excellent key. Better then one might think.
don VE3LYX


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