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I'm getting close to being able to participate in some QRP QSOs.   I'm still learning code, and also assembling equipment.   I intend to hike a bit then get on the air.  I have everything figured out except how to manage a small note book while receiving.   My paddle will be strapped to my right leg close to my knee.  I thought a pilot knee board, but afraid it would interfere with the paddle.  Any suggestions?

Hi Byron!
Why not try your idea and see how it works for you - you may find you can manage.
However if you are working /P and QRP you'll most likely find find that contacts come quite slowly and you'll have plenty time to use a simple note book and write down the details, put down your pen and start keying.
Another possible alternative is to use a mini recorder with VOX and record yourself saying callsign, RST etc though this would mean you'd have to remember the callsign when replying and on overs rather than looking at notes, and if your memory is like mine it isn't such a great idea !!!



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