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KX3 Assembly


I am waiting for my KX3 to arrive and will assembly it myself.  Anyone got any tips or things they got wrong?  Normally I read instructions AFTER making the mistakes so this time I thought I would ask first and try to get everything right!  Thanks Robin

Hello Robin

If you'll read all the instructions BEFORE anything else, all will be OK. Take your time, follow the manual and your new KX3 will pass 'the smoke test' at the first try. It's a mechanical job mainly...

Good luck!

As above , as far as i'm aware the KX3 has no soldering but simply slot in boards , it's not a kit as such but more a "flat pack"  :D

Hi Robin,
beside RTFM, it is important to measure the size of the screws

73 Mike VK6MB
KX3 #3468


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