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Rare Monaco 3A



Anyone else can help me ?

Believe it or not, in 50 + years on the air, I never heard or worked Monaco 3A prefix.

It is the only country in Europe I still need.

I tried in the past some e-mail to a few amateurs, without success,

I tried their repeater on echo link during weeks , always during the morning because of time , it is 6 hours ahead of us, no answer!!

Now it is off the air, because it is no more listed.

It would be fun to have a sked if possible, so please let me know of any good idea.

72 Michel VE2TH

Hello Michel,

Look http://qrz.com/db/3A2LF

Good DX.

72 Alain OM6AD/QRP

Hello Alain,

Thank you very much for the information, I will send an e-mail to Claude and try to have a sked.

I will let you know of the results,

All the very best for the new year and hope so meet you on the bands.

72 Michel VE2TH  QRP


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