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From here I have had the best prop with 4 land around 6:30 Pm EST. After that it starts to go noisy. If you would like tonite 6 pm, 6:30 Pm or 7 PM I would be ready to go. I just split the osc and buffer from the final. The final has now 80 volts while the osc and buff run on 9. The modulator is passive .
There is little carrier. It jumps to life when I speak. Let me know if this works for you or any alternatives that are better for you.

I blew something in the final. osc and buffer and mod still work but batteries for final started heating up. its not the transistor as I removed it and the short is still there. There are 4 caps. One of them may not have liked the high voltage and there is a diode too .
I will re-sched as soon as I get it fixed. Cant be much because there is not that much in there. Should have left it alone and just got fresh batteries. These got so hot they are probably toast.

What frequency will you be on?  Today in Saturday, January 4th and I will be on the radio from around 6 PM Eastern time (21:00 UTC) till around 8 PM Eastern time (01:00 UTC)

3686 kc
it is past that now, about a quarter to 9 PM here (EST)
I was able to fix it and tested it once on 81 volts. Different to say the least.
If it is too late tonite OK although I will call CQ at ( 9pm and 10PM) provided I get no more smoke.

will be calling CQ this morning Jan 5 on 3686 kcs 6 AM 7 AM 8AM 9AM provided I have access (freq not in use) Join me if you can


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