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this night , 23h30 utc  (01h30 local time) on 14060  K0ZK ,Arnold  at Lebanon (Me) USA  - 5978 km from my qth in south in France... with my new IC-718 - 5 watts and my windom FD3 antenna.
A very good surprise  :)
Pierre - F5GSK -

That's great Pierre! Too late at night for me though, I'm usually asleep by 2300 local/2200 UTC :-)

I'll be SV8/GM0LVI/P from the end of next week until about 5th July, so hope for some good propagation as I'll only have a Buddistick antenna.

This night there, thus i had an insomnia... i got up and started my TX and Bingo....!
Noted well your journey in SV8 Dave, i go sharpened my ears !
Pierre -F5GSK-

Nice contact Pierre! Have nice holiday Dave!

tks :) :)


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