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I participated in the PACC contest this weekend on 20 and 40 meters with 5 Watts, total of 176 QSO's. Members worked: UA1CEX, SE2I, OK1DIG, SP4GHL, thanks!

To bad it doesn't count for the QRP club contest, would have made it to the first place!  :))

That's great Joop for 5 Watts. The members you did work will count for your 2015 score I guess.
I've not managed a single contact with a QRPC member this year. Was though pretty pleased and very surprised to work WA7UQE in Washington state 559 both ways on 12m this evening.

Hi Dave,

in the rules it clearly says: 

QSO Points: Stations may be contacted once on each band. Multiple contacts are not allowed on the same day. Contacts occurred during other contests have 0 QSO point value. Points are based on the location of the station worked.

Maybe Nicola can comment on this?

Congrats with the WA7 worked!


--- Quote from: PG4I on February 18, 2015, 09:50:49 UTC --- Contacts occurred during other contests have 0 QSO point value.

Maybe Nicola can comment on this?

--- End quote ---

Yes, this is a new rule.  ^-^

How is this contest working out?
Are you planning this for next year?

Is there anyway to verify contacts, beside the two members logging the contact?
Did you ever get a web site to handle this?
Looks like the contest fell apart... dang it.

Too late for me to get in.


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