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how many cw ops?

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Just joined the forum. Hello to all.
I'm 100% CW when working QRP.
I use a Palm Radio mini paddle (http://www.palm-radio.de/english/empaddle.html), Ft-817 and a Buddistick as my 'go kit'. 


Not 100 % CW but near 90 % .... Like QRP DX´ing in CW and make the most contacts in that nice mode (also ragchews) but also a bit digitals (last QSO more than 1 year ago) and a bit SSB at 10 meters when the band is open and my monoband TRX is running  :))

Welcome abboard es hpe 2 cu in cw ... gl es fb dx .. 72´s  8)

I'm fairly new to cw but it's my go to mode besides the digital modes.  Digital doesn't excite me like cw does.  I honestly can't remember my last ssb contact.

Hi! all,

Believe it or not, , I've been all QRP/CW since I got my ticket 58 years ago.

I don't know if I'm the oldest woodpecker... Hi! Hi!  ;D

So much fun and relaxation!!

I use the Palm Mini Paddle, or the vibrokeyer (single lever») from Vibroplex, + a bencher paddle and an old  marine straight key (J.W.BUNNELL dating back from the WWII era.

I can't wait for the new cycle 25, it is really low to come alive...

Best to all, stay safe
See you on the bands. 

72/73 Mike VE2TH   The QRP'er

Welcome all to this ancient forum and thank you for giving it life back.
I also do only CW QRP.  Yes, I own a microphone but would have a tough time finding it somewhere in the garage.
My station runs on a 100 watt solar panel with a Renogy controller into a 20 ah battery.  I'm completely independent of the A/C power.
My main rig is a TenTec Eagle that I keep at 5 watts.  My key is a Vibroplex Racer bug and the antenna is a Butternut HF6V.
I enjoy doing Parks on the Air (POTA), and for that I use a Mountain Topper MTR-5b to a home brew portable vertical (aluminum tent poles + Wolf River coil + extendable 102" whip antenna).

I'm a member of the NAQCC, which is dedicated to QRP activities, and to the CWOPS which is dedicated to CW.

73 to y'all.

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