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QRP Club IOTA References + IOTA Map


Through this form you can see:

- the members residents in a IOTA QTH
- next IOTA activations (as announced in the sked board)
- last IOTA activations (as announced in the sked board)

You can also search IOTA reference numbers, names of islands, names of groups of islands, prefixes etc.

If you reside in a IOTA QTH and your call sign is not in the list, please, write the name of your island and the IOTA reference number in reply to this post, many thanks.   ;)


MAP ADDED! (refresh the page)

HS0ZIB (Simon) - AS153 (Phuket Island, Thailand)


--- Quote from: HS0ZIB on July 28, 2014, 10:41:03 UTC ---HS0ZIB (Simon) - AS153 (Phuket Island, Thailand)

--- End quote ---

Thank you. As you know, the correct number is 053.  ;D

No IOTA reference here but thank´s for the new utility  ;D ;)

SV8/PA1FJ/P  qrv from Samos isl.  EU-049 10 - 24 june 2016


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