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Change in the big list.


This station is no longer active on any mode or band, 28294   SM5HUA  Uppsala        JP80WA  100    Vertical   Omni
I mailed the list owner for corr.

Hi Jenny,
is it a LIST to Starboard or Port?  ;D

72 Mike VK6MB
That reminds me Port is "on the House" in Mike's Tavern for the rest of the night  8)

Do you mean Port or Porter?  :P

Port wine, but be quick, it has been very popular  ;D

72 Mike


Thank you Jenny, for the information, Yes it happened from time to time that a beacon is no more on the air, and sometimes new ones are on the air but not in the lists.

But with the ten meter beacon of Bill WJ5O, it is the more accurate one I know, because Bill
checked it out regularly, and he is a ten meter only operator.

By the way Bill as his own web site, where he talked about ten meter.


Good reading and thanks again for the info.

If any other have informations of some changes into the beacon World, let us know.

72 Michel VE2TH  QRP

And now back to the job at the light...

--...   ..---, -  ..-



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