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Need Help Finding Crystals


I am looking for a source for a Bomar 7.030 crystal HC49 crystal socket for my scratch build 3 watt 2-tube transmitter. Perhaps someone knows of a ham friendly source for this type of procurement. Please Advise.

You can use an octal socket as the spacing is right or take it apart and use the pins to make your own in plexiglass or lexan.   Crystals from A1 or another can supply but they will often be little ones put inside the bigger case and may not like the current a tube osc can flow. Any crystal of the right type that is lower freq but close can be hand ground to the freq. In fact all the rocks in my DX60B I ground to the freqs I needed. Despite  what one might think it is not that hard to do. Are you building the old 2 tube design from the old handbooks built on two slats of wood? 6ag7 and a 6v6?
A VFO of course would eliminate the need for crystals.
 A Hartley osc is quick easy and ALWAYS works! In fact I have a two tuber I built with one. Glowbug QRP is a ball! I have mmmmm, lemme see, 6 I built here if I didn't forget one.
Be careful, it is addictive.

I really am curious what set you are building. Been checking daily to see. Most of my QRP rigs have tubes too. I build the solid state stuff just for the practice but my heart is where the glowing tubes are.


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