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Author Topic: Good qrpp between SM5 and HB9  (Read 531 times)

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Good qrpp between SM5 and HB9
« on: February 19, 2014, 12:10:35 UTC »

Today I dusted off my FT817, it had not been in use for a while so a little exercise would probably be useful. Did some cq, n at 10.12 0ch 18 meter bands, but no answers. (0.5W) But at 20m, 14,060 were full speed, HB9DAX struck CQ frantically. I responded with a call and got an immediate response. It went really well, his signal 599 and I got 559. (CW) so lowered Fred its power output to 0.5 watts and was still strong, 579 but it was someone else that does not belong to us as little QRM occurred even qsb was easy but weak.
Fun with some good qrpp qso, n so here at midday. I logged out 11:56.
Yesterday afternoon I received SSA's moderator Tore, who is on vacation on Dominica, J79TA, a weak but fully completed connection at 14 MHz with 5W from me. ^-^
Best regards, 72 de SM5MEK, Jenny.