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I am looking for a good antenna analyzer for portable ops. I am looking at the rig expert aa-30 and the i portable ip-30. Anybody have experience with either?

Hi Caleb,

you ask for a "antenna tuner" in the theme headline but the 2 devices you are asking for are not tuners. That´s both antenna analyzers. With gear like this you can analyze the SWR, resonance frequency and things like this. Good tool for antenna home builders or antenna constructors but no option to "tune" an antenna in the field or at home.

For tuning with QRP i am using a Z-Match tuner for symmetric and asymmetric feedlines. It´s a kit from a german QRP Shop and it´s called ZM-4. It bases on the ZM-2 from Emtech but it can be used from 160 - 10 m instead of 80 - 10 .....


I corrected the post. Thank you for the reply I will check it out.

I myself have a  Rig Expert AA-54 and always have it with me in the field. Easy to use and ideal for fine tuning the (field) antenna setup. Most of the time I working with a 10/20/40m endfed which depending on the environment it sometimes needs some tuning (folding back or unfolding the end). With the AA-54 you make a SWR band analysis  (a little wider then the original band) and you know what to do.

I use this: http://www.qrpclub.org/qrp/index.php?topic=665.msg1944  ;)


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