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Hi all
         Ok we must all have a favourite, so what is your favourite portable morse key and why?

Dave M0GGK

Palm Radio Mini Paddle: it's very slight and the magnet is very useful...

It was published in SPRAT in 1997 as The Mini-E-Bug:

--- Quote ---There is a special feature of this keyer for portable use: it is probably the only keyer in the world that gives protection to the sensitive paddles, because they can be shoved into the cabinet when the keyer is not in use. This seemed important for rough outdoor operation and trasportation.
--- End quote ---

I am using my homebuildt "knife", it is an one armed manipulator with the contacts on the outside. Light and easy to pack on the field equipment.

Dave, my favourite was the Palm Mini paddle when I was paddling. But my new favourite my far now that I'm all straight key is the Racal leg strap key that I have. So easy to use and it's weatherproof so I don't worry about the weather and the sea! There are two types - the older Racal one for the Clansman set, and the one I have which is an updated version, but again mil surplus. All I had to do was open it up to remove the existing cable and replace it with figure 8 cable and 3.5mm mono jack plug.

Pete M3KXZ
GQRP 11767
SKCC 10219

Mine's a tiny Paddlette KP-4. It weighs just 1.7oz measures 1x1.5 inches and has two memories. The paddles are on springy brass and it takes a little  getting used to if you are used to rigid paddles. It also has a magnetic leg strap.
From what I can glean on the www Paddlette don't make the memory version any more which is a bit of a shame.


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